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Meet and Greet


We offer complementary meet and greet appointments to see if it's a good fit for working together, and to answer any questions that you may have about naturopathic medicine.

If we're not the right practitioner for you, we will do my best to refer you to the healthcare professional best suited to your needs.

Follow up appointments

60 minutes- $150.00

45 minutes- $130.00

30 minutes- $110.00

Pediatric 30 minutes- $85.00

After your initial visit, the first follow up typically consists of a physical exam or lab work based on what your health concerns are, as well as going over and starting your treatment plan.

Subsequent follow up appointments depend on what you are coming in to work on and can include any combination of services offered.


Intake- $105

30 minutes- $75

45 minutes- $95

These appointments are for patients looking for a treatment dedicated solely to cupping. Often acupuncture appointments include cupping.

Intake appointment

Adult- $215.00

Pediatric- $165.00

An hour and fifteen minute appointment where we go over your specific health concerns, how they are impacting your life, and your entire health history.


After this appointment we research your specific case and put together a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan for you.


Intake- $130.00

45 minute follow up- $110.00

60 minute follow up $125.00

Acupuncture initial appointments are for people looking for acupuncture/cupping and have not completed the intake appointment. If you are only interested in acupuncture and cupping, this is the right appointment for you!

If you are interested in using other naturopathic modalities in addition to acupuncture and cupping, an intake appointment would be better suited for you.

Intramuscular injections

Consultation fee (for new patients) $40.00

15-30 minutes- cost varies based on injection type

Intramuscular injections are nutrients that are injected directly into the deltoid or gluteus medius muscle.

For patients that have not completed an intake appointment before, the first appointment includes a consultation to make sure that intramuscular therapy is a safe and indicated treatment for you.

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